Norwegians are private people, and we have a large personal space. We avoid making eye contact with fellow passengers on the tram, and are stingy when it comes to physical contact with others than our closest friends and family. In other words: No hugs or kisses, please. But if you take initiative to a conversation, you’ll see that we are open-minded and interested. Smile, and we’ll smile back.

Both green and red light means walk in Oslo. The easiest way to spot a tourist is when they wait at the red light in a pedestrian crossing even though there are no cars. Us locals? We throw ourselves into the street as soon as we have the opportunity.

Osloites talk a lot about the weather and light, it’s our eternal go-to small talk topic. The long winter with all its darkness makes us obsess about the sun when it’s finally out. We have sun all night in summer, so there’s no reason to go to bed. In winter the sky features burning pink sunrises and sunsets, but remember it’s not real before you post a picture of it on Instagram.

Osloites are super concerned about the environment. We bike a lot (let’s face it, preferably downhill), but we’re still the same old oil-nation, and we love catching a domestic flight to Bergen. We point fingers at people when we hear their recycling game is not too strong, but deep within our hearts we’re so ashamed of the environmental skeletons in our own closet.

There is an old saying: Norwegians are born with skis on their feet. It’s true. If you find yourself in Oslo during winter you will see lots of people on the Metro carrying their skis. They are on their way  to go cross country skiing.

To understand Osloites is to understand their drinking habits. Drink black filter coffee in the morning (eg. all day), fill your bottle with tap water (never pay for water!), go to the wine monopoly before it closes at 18.00 (the only place to get alcoholic beverages above 4,7 %), buy beer in the supermarket and drink at home (or in the park during summer months – it’s not legal, but we do it anyway) before heading out to a bar or club. Don’t mention the beer prices. We know, and we’re tired of talking about it.

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